Yatra – The Journey Within

By Gauri Deshpande, MFA – Music Technology
Integrated Media Show & Installation at C-108 at CalArts
10th to 15th April’23

Title of the Project: ‘Yatra – The Journey Within’

What the Project is About: Spirituality, Culture, Meditation

“Yatra – The Journey Within” is a multi-channel and video installation that creates an immersive cultural experience for the audience!

It is a spiritual journey through specialised time which explores the relationship between time and space, local and non-local, linear and cyclical time; and uses photography, digital graphics, video, sound and projection mapping to create an immersive cultural experience for the audience.

It is inspired by the people of India who go on the journey to spiritual places to attain divine blessings. We can take the journey within ourselves by meditating, that will help us to realise the divinity within us. 

Focal Points

The three walls:

The three walls on which the images are projected, are placed in such a manner, that it helps in bringing the culture of India to the viewers and forms a space conducive for meditation.


Projection of a video that displays photographs taken during the Yatras to spiritual places, the abodes of Shiva, in India:

Amarnath, Adi Kailash and Om Parbat, Tunganath and Chandrashila, and Kedarnath.

Projection of Images with the symbolism associated with Shiva:

The Trident, the main weapon of Shiva, a symbol of Shiva having control over the past, present and future.

The Adi Kailash range of mountains, having the presence of Shiva

The Lotus, a symbol of spiritual enlightenment

Shiva linga, a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, the union of the productive and creative principles of life.

The Crescent moon on Shiva’s crown, a symbol of Shiva being beyond time.

Other Installations:​

Damaru, the musical instrument of Shiva, that produces spiritual sounds through which the Universe is created.

An hourglass, a symbol of the Universe going though cycles of creation and destruction at fixed intervals of time. 

Book of Reflections for the audience to write their observations, experience and reflections in.

A rug for the audience to sit on and meditate

Practices & Media


Multi-channel and Video Installation, Projection Mapping, Photography, Video with Sound, Graphic Design, Immersive, multi-media.


Video, images, projectors, media cards, Mac book Pro, Pro Tools, Adobe Premier Pro 



Kunal Deshpande (Photography)

Gandhar Vamburkar (Graphics Design)



Thank you to the faculty in Integrated media for their support and guidance regarding this project.

Thank you to my mentors in the Music Technology program for their support and guidance during my MFA program at CalArts.