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Oliver Nickell

BFA 2017 – Born in Santa Cruz, California, Tree signed to Atlantic Records in 2017 after his song “When I’m Down” went viral and released his debut studio album Ugly Is Beautiful in 2020.

Clay Burton

BFA 2017

Daniel McNamara

MFA 2017

Francis Daniel Crook

BFA 2017 – Currently as a part time assistant for television composer and voice over assistant recording engineer for formosa interactive.

James Anderson

BFA 2017

Kamari Carter

BFA 2017

Nathan Villicaña-Shaw

BFA 2015 & MFA 2017

Carl Burgin

BFA 2011 & MFA 2016 – Is currently Special Faculty at MTIID as well as teaching music technology at Wildwood High School. Carl is the founder of Proximal Records based in Los Angeles.

Cordey Lopez

MFA 2016

Griffin O’Neill

BFA 2016

Jacob Penn

BFA 2016 – Jake Penn develops audio plugins for Output Inc, tours as a live performer under the pseudonym Mumukshu, and teaches as adjunct faculty at MTIID.

Juan Pablo Yépez

MFA 2016

Martin Velez

MFA 2016

Meason Wiley

BFA 2009 & MFA 2016 – Currently a professor of Music Technology at Austin Community College.

Rodrigo Sena

BFA 2014 & MFA 2016 – Currently a Software Engineer at Ableton.

Bruce Dawson

MFA 2015

Daniel Jodeci Reyes

BFA 2015

Devin Ronneberg

BFA 2015

Dexter Shepherd

BFA 2015

Elliot Glasser

BFA 2015

Hil Jaeger

BFA 2015 – Currently working towards her MFA at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Bruce Lott

BFA 2014 – Worked on R&D and Web development at Kadenze doing and is now programming videogames for WayForward.

Daniel Chasman-Beck

BFA 2014 – Worked as an elementary school Science/Computer Programming/Audio Production teacher for highly gifted students. Is it currently a Behavior Therapist at an NPA working in Special Ed. school, home, and clinical settings.

Eric Singleton Jr

BFA 2014 – Currently works as a freelance multi-media artist and web developer in the greater Seattle, WA area

Newman Richard Wolf

BFA 2014

Andrew Flores

BFA 2013

Youngmin Joo

BFA 2013 – Previously worked as Software QA Engineer at Universal Audio and is now working at mobile game company Pocket Gems as QA Analyst and Sound Designer

Dimitri Diakopoulos

BFA 2012 – Graduated with his MFA (after completing his BFA) in MTIID and now works on experimental prototypes in Intel’s Perceptual Computing Lab.

Boone McElroy

BFA 2012

Peter Gonzales

BFA 2012 – Working in music engineering and production at Capitol Records, Hollywood, California.

Tomio Ueda

BFA 2012 – Tomio Ueda Tools and Tests Frameworks as an Engineer for Core Audio at Apple. Part of a NorCal modular synth duo with James Cigler.

Mo Zareei

BFA 2012 – Now pursuing his PhD at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington, New Zealand.

Darren Hanson

BFA 2012 – Currently writing and touring the US/UK/Asia with his music projects Monolith, and Ghost Judas.

Cheyne Bush

BFA 2012 – Cheyne Taylor Bush Produces and performs as Tetrad, signed to labels such as ZamZam Sounds, Foundation Audio, and Gourmetbeats, and tours the US and UK/EU

Jim Murphy

BFA 2010 – Currently a Ph.D. Student in Sonic Arts at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.

Steve Rusch

BFA 2010 – Currently is a House Engineer at Westlake Recording Studios

Joe Cantrell

BFA 2009 – Went on to do a MFA from University of California at Santa Cruz.

Owen Vallis

BFA 2008 – Currently a PhD Student in Sonic Arts at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He also has done an Internship with Nokia Research and now a Faculty member at California Institute of the Arts.

Matthew Hettich

BFA 2008 – Went on to do an MFA at Mills College and now currently works designing, programming, testing, and marketing innovative MIDI controllers for Ketih McMillen Instruments.

Jeff Lufkin

BFA 2009 – Currently signed to Tokyo label Motion+- as Eli Walks.

Jasmin Blasco

BFA 2008 – Currently works on marketing innovative MIDI controllers for Ketih McMillen Instruments.