Luisa Pinzon is a Colombian Musician and Sound engineer. She finished her MFA degree in Music Technology and Integrated Media specialization at the California Institute of the Arts in 2023. Luisa has over 5 years of experience doing Audio Postproduction for TV, she has worked in recognized productions such as Shark Tank Mexico Season 3 and Discovery Channel´s ¿Quién cocina esta noche? Season 1. Since 2020 she has been researching the creative coding field, using programming softwares such as p5Js, ChucK,MaxMsP and Touch Designer. Although her major experience relies in the audio and sound field, while pursuing her MFA degree at CalArts she learned and explored the visual digital arts and is always looking for new ways of creating art. She is currently very interested in the relationship the human being has with nature while also expressing her concern towards the negative impact of the human being on it, and how to make conscious art that represents it.
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