I wanted to theorize a set of rules for how people with Social Anxiety function at social events, the rules conform a bit to what I found yielded a more visually pleasing output, but I was still able to justify the rules within the process. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more with these systems and want to hopefully make it into a more thought out project for a gallery space.

I like the way this turned out because it never fully stabilizes and thus can be used as a sort of video processing filter without needing to re bang it or create some form of iteration in the code.


Know/ Don’t Know

● If I don’t know anybody at the party, I probably won’t go.

● If I know either 2 or 4 people at the party, I don’t know how to divide my time and get stressed.

● If there are more than 5 people I know at the party I get stressed out and leave.

● If there are three people I know at the party I feel comfortable and stay for a while.

I’ve attached both processing files below here in a folder accessible via this google drive link. I’ve also shared it with you via email.

The first file is the simpler green and black matrix style game of life, where as the second is it being used with the video file example to process an animation I did in flash.

This is what these rules look like applied to the processing sketch