Ben Schultz

Ono; a plushy spherical device (i.e. stress ball) that allows users to creatively experience the power of music anywhere, with anyone. Users are given the ability to harness their musical creativity through squeezing, whirling, throwing and twirling it.

This current prototype consists of an Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, WiFi Microcontroller, FSR sensor and a Battery housed within a custom 3D printed plastic core. The core is surrounded by a plush silicone material through a meticulous silicone molding process. Data from the above sensors is sent to Max/MSP via WiFi to be processed into sound. 

The Ono team is currently looking for investment to create the next prototype which will; 

–  facilitate musical collaborations by enabling one or more Ono’s to connect to a smartphone via the Ono control application, 

– let users record their musical creations and share them to the Ono community, 

– provide users with a breakdown including how many calories they have burned and electrodermal activity (indicator of stress) during each session, 

 – enable users to change the ‘World’ they are sonically creating in, allowing them to be within a zen garden, a nightclub or in the middle of the Atlantic ocean with just one tap,

– track the users motion patterns to keep the music fresh and ever-evolving utilizing artificial intelligence and,

 – allow users to input their own movement patterns which can be mapped to controlling the timbral qualities, melodic direction and/or rhythm sequences of the ‘World’ they are exploring.

For additional information please contact xavcreationz@gmail.com