In this adaptation of Conway’s Game of Life, I analyzed the difference between Fijian beauty ideals/body image and Western beauty ideals/body image. Anne Becker suggests that they are highly indicative of larger cultural values — Westerners idealizing the ‘inner self’, autonomy and independence while Fijians idealizing the ‘self’ as dependent and part of a larger community. The ideal Fijian body is cultivated by the Fijian community and the ideal Western body is cultivated by the individual. For generations, the ideal Fijian body was “a bigger, more muscular build, as this body shape is a sign of being well cared for and fit for performing vigorous work” (Kong 2007). With increased access to television and influence of social media presence, access to depictions of Western beauty ideals has caused Fijian women to desire/pursue the ‘thin’ ideal.

Rules based on Social Influences/Peer Pressure (i.e. Fijian body ideals)

  1. Die if it has less than 3 neighbors/influences (not much influence)

  2. Die unless it has 4 or 5 neighbours/influences (peer pressured)

  3. Die if it has more than 8 neighbours/influences (overwhelmed)


Beauty Ideals & Body Image in Fiji