Feedback Loops, All The Way Down

Feedback Loops, All The Way Down is an exploration of feedback loops and limited audience participation in an enclosed environment. The name comes from a mantra repeated in order to center and calm me down when I become overwhelmed by anxiety. The universe is a series of complex and interconnected feedback loops that influence every aspect of our lives and the existence of everything in the universe.

By harnessing the power and potential of feedback loops, I seek to introduce the inherent unpredictability and chaotic potential of feedback in a controlled gallery setting through audio and video. The modular patch contains a series of feedback loops; the camera and projectors are configured in a feedback loop, and the participants/viewers in the gallery get a chance to interact with these elements, guiding and changing them, but only as much as I let them. The cage-mounted panel facilitates audience participation with both the audio and video, giving them a chance to guide the direction of the installation. 

Naomi Mitchell is a designer, builder, user, and educator whose work extensively incorporates modular synthesizers. Of particular interest is the interaction between artists and electronics and ways to generate and control randomness and unpredictability. Naomi has been involved with educational programs for FeM Synth Lab, Ableton LOOP, Patch Up!, Columbia, and CalArts. She lives and works in Los Angeles.