Eric Heep A mechatronic performance between a human and a sonic sculpture. The framing of the experience ended up the bulk of the piece. After I finished the sculpture, I finally got to the programing; this was a day before the performance was slated. I didn’t have anything to do that day, so I setup in the kitchen and started …


End of the year showcase for MTIID class, Grids, Beats and Groups, designed to facilitate and expand students’ creative ideas for performing/syncing real time audio and visuals in groups.  

ChucK Concert

Roy O. Disney Concert Hall California Institute of the Arts December 2011

Interface Concert 2012

  The culmination of the year long Interface Design course where students learn to design, build, and program their own digital interfaces, then learn to perform with them. Course is taught by Dr. Ajay Kapur and is a part of the Music Technology: Intelligence, Interaction, and Design curriculum.

Inaaya at REDCAT

  October 24, 2018 REDCAT @ Walt Disney Concert Hall Complex This piece is based in Raga Bhairavi and written for the KarmetiK Machine Orchestra, the Isaura String Quartet, Lydia (Mechatronic String Contraption) and a Yamaha Disklavier. Composed by Ajay Kapur in 2018 Isaura String Quartet + KarmetiK Machine Orchestra Andrew Piepenbrink, Ben Tillotson, Jasna Gara, Kai Luen Liang, McLean …

The Hemis

James Meason Wiley & Jim Murphy; MTIID Program The Hemis were inspired by designs pioneered by Dan Trueman, Perry R. Cook, and Curtis Bahn. Used in the well known laptop ensembles PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra) and SLOrk (Stanford Laptop Orchestra), the hemis have been featured in a number of ensembles and performances at CalArts, notably the AH! Interactive Opera and …

The Machine Orchestra

Ajay Kapur & Michael Darling The Machine Orchestra is a networked ensemble of laptop performers inspired by the Princeton and Stanford Laptop Orchestras. In performance, each member of the ensemble uses hemispherical speaker to produce localized sound, while a master server coordinates millisecond-level OSC synchronization between performers. This networked aspect is critical to the inclusion of the heart of the …