Meason Wiley Phase.1 is first piece in an ongoing series of topographical sculptures depicting information we cannot see – the complex harmonic relationships of sound – by creating an augmented physical sound/data imprint of various sonic phenomena. Topographic Art is essentially art depicting places, buildings, and natural prospects in a realistic and detailed manner. This work attempts to focus on …

Meet The Bots

Video of the grand opening of the Machine Lab, including robots, touch table, custom interfaces, music, and more.    


End of the year showcase for MTIID class, Grids, Beats and Groups, designed to facilitate and expand students’ creative ideas for performing/syncing real time audio and visuals in groups.  

ChucK Concert

Roy O. Disney Concert Hall California Institute of the Arts December 2011


Meason Wiley In the summer of 2009, Jim Murphy and I were commissioned to build 12 hemispherical speakers for use in MTIID CalArts. The design is based on both the original work of Dan Truman and Curtis Bahn’s “Deloreon” speaker system, as well as Ge Wang’s less expensive model for use with the Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk). The basis for …


Eric Heep A LED shield for an Arduino Uno that uses three daisy chained TLC5940s to control 16 RGB LEDS with PWM functionality. It can act mainly as a nightlight, but one in which you can program your own patterns (and give to your friends)! I used the wonderful TLC5940 Arduino library to control the chips. Code is free software, …

Interface Concert 2012

  The culmination of the year long Interface Design course where students learn to design, build, and program their own digital interfaces, then learn to perform with them. Course is taught by Dr. Ajay Kapur and is a part of the Music Technology: Intelligence, Interaction, and Design curriculum.

Kinect The Sines

An interactive audio/visual installation that uses a Kinect camera for body tracking, transplanting user from physical space into a virtual space with playable objects. Skeleton tracking done in Processing, Virtual Environment programmed using Cinder, sound design in Reaktor.