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Sound Production in Ableton Live for Musicians and Artists This course provides hands-on experience in producing, mixing, and sound design with a digital audio workstation. Students will learn the fundamentals (physics) of sound and digital audio, proper gain staging, where and how distortion enters recordings and mixes, how to set levels and panning, effective sub group mixing, and an introduction ...

Digital Arts Minor

Artists in the age of digital media require new approaches to design and implementation using emerging technology. At California Institute of the Arts, we believe that every artist needs to be offered training on how to invent creative new possibilities for interaction with their performers, audiences and supporters, whether through the custom fabrication of technological objects and interfaces or web-based …


Learning Goals The MFA Music Technology program aims to built strong musical skills while promoting the mastery of a variety of music-related technologies in the context of pursuing creative work. Specifically, Music Technology students will have opportunities to: Become trained musicians able to work in a variety of musical ensembles and global music productions, with appropriate competencies in music theory …


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